SOM Eyewear

SOM Eyewear a recognition to young talents

On the occasion of 40 years of history, Som Eyewear promotes, in collaboration with Certottica, a prize for new opticians.
Luca Dal Bò was awarded as one of the most deserving students of the Postgraduate Diploma of ITS Design and Eyewear Technique.

Som Eyewear – Company from the Cadore area – is leader in the production of eyewear and sunglasses, specialized in the processing of traditional metal, steel, titanium and combined material. The Company boasts, today, two brands of property, EBlock and EBK, and one under license, Aeronautica Militare. Som Eyewear, that this year celebrates 40 years of history, has always been attentive to young talents, supporting initiatives in line with a new way of connecting the school with the world of work. He actively collaborates in the training of future opticians by promoting activities in synergy with schools and the Eyewear Museum. And this year, just on the occasion of the 40th anniversary, Som decided to set up a prize in the name of Giovanni Sommavilla, owner and founder of Som Eyewear, now led by the second generation: his sons Andrea and Francesca.

The company wanted to select one of the young students of the ITS Design course and eyewear technique, promoted by Certottica. “On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its birth – and consistently with its Mission and Vision, declaring its attachment to the territory and the enhancement of people – Som Eyewear, in collaboration with Certottica, has decided to reward Luca Dal Bò, who has distinguished himself as the most deserving student of the Postgraduate Diploma of ITS Design and Technique of the Eyewear and obtained its title in 2018 “. Luca will then be able to access to a Professional Stage, having the opportunity of touching the working reality, linked to the eyewear world, and put to good use what he studied during his training path, also supported by the great creative inspiration he has shown.

ITS Design and Technique of the Eyewear provides 2,000 hours of training to acquire the basic, transversal skills and the fundamental methodological approach to orientate oneself to the profession of the “Product Manager junior of eyewear”, that means the profile that manages a frame or an eyewear collection, coordinating all phases, from design to sale.

“For us it is essential that young people cultivate their passion for the eyewear sector already starting from the course of study”, explain Andrea and Francesca Sommavilla. “Our final goal is to reward the deserving students, who will soon become well-trained and motivated professionals in the sector”.