In every single EBlock frame, the search for form, material and colour are combined with a unique and highly recognisable technology. All our frames are cut out of metal plates with millimetric precision or milled out of whole acetate plates. The engaged virtually non-allergical steel has a number of further advantages, for example its lightweightness and its flexibility as well as It does allow a galvanic varnishing, which guaranties an extremely durable and resistant coating.

The details that make the difference

From nose pads up to end pieces, everything talks about quality. Any single detail comes from Europe, in order to grant the highest reliability and to simplify future replacements.


Soft and adjustable end pieces

The end pieces we use for every Eblock are very resistant but at the same time very flexible, in order to be easily adjustable to any wearer’s needs. Our particular surface finish makes our end pieces non-slip, soft to the touch, delicate to the skin and pleasant to wear.


First - class silicon nose pads

We created a spectacle frame that guaranties a delicate and uniform point of support. Thus given we use exclusively nose pads in 100% silicon made in Germany. Our nose pads have a gentle touch and are non-allergic. The Eblock nose pads are easily adjustable to the nose, simply by adjusting the inner metallic pad arm.


A screw can make a difference

The screw used for mounting the temple joint to the lug is made in Germany; in order to maintain a constant friction of the temples all our frames have a friction lining in Teflon between the screw head and the screw thread. This ensures that even if a screw should loosens it will not leave its place maintaining the temples in place at all times.

And the acetate? It is Mazzucchelli, of course

Our new models of the B-Side Collection take the mono-concept of EBlock one step further: they consist in a metal frame with a top coat of hand made, Italian acetate, produced by Mazzucchelli, world leader in this sector. The acetate top coat is reamed from the panels and can be match perfectly – up to the micrometre – to the metal front piece.
The harmonic union between these very different materials underlines the specific features of each of the two donating every single B-Side frame a unique and inimitable look.

Varnish and textures: originality, quality, resistance

We varnish our metal frames with multiple layers. After being sandblasted our frames are coated with a primer film that guarantees an optimal setting for the two following treatments (varnishing and top coating).
Both the process of varnishing and the engaged materials are of the highest quality and can therefore guaranty a brilliant finish which will last over time as certified by tests of “Certottica” as issuing authority on various Eblock frames.