Primary Health Net: New EBLOCK Collections: Acetate and Metal for a perfect fusion of style.

The optical brand “with block” expands its range and investment on the Made in Italy acetate of the Company Mazzucchelli. More, comes to life in the BE-Original collection.
Craftsmanship, heritage, innovation: these are the fundamental and distinctive values of the E-BLOCK brand that was able to influence the tradition with innovative technologies.
Through, shape refinement, the importance of the materials and expressive effectiveness of colours blend in a unique technology that express the mood of EBLOCK frames. The collections are the result of a very important history of experience and deep knowledge in the frames world, mixed with creative talent.

The new models rediscover acetate, a semi-finished plastic material with enormous ductility and a great expressive capacity that enable the designers obtain  a frame with resistant qualities and at the same time very light, without sacrificing the design and the colour.

The esteemed plates of MAZZUCCHELLI, Made in Italy, renew and widen the collections Original and B-side with new unique and recognisable models, as  well as the Easy Block, icon of the brand, aesthetical and distinctive element of all the E-Block collections.

Design and retrò inspired shapes, but with a modern slant: thin and soft with refined colours that want to blend with the complexion of one’s face.

New processing, also in the grained plates, that show shiny, dull and scratched surfaces.
Unique characteristics that make frames strongly sculptural, giving a high quality to the handmade work.
Ten brand new models were launched at Opti 2017 in Munich that use the B-Side, Side and Original family, giving life to the new Be-Original line.
All the frames of the brand, very light and resistant, are honed with millimetre accuracy, inspired by a modern geometry that unites glamour and technology. Each E-Block is a fashion accessory, unique and elegant.

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