Easy Block is a unique, technologically advanced locking system that makes the process of fastening lenses easy and safe. Lenses can only be replaced thanks to the use of a special key combined with a precision metallic spacer, that locks the block and adjusts the closing of the eye rim.


Safe and easy

The use of the Easy Block system involves the elimination of the lens fixing screws; in this way the user no longer has to worry about the possibility of the slackening or loss of a screw. Eblock is really safe and practical.


Millimeter accuracy


A great value for the customer

Only the selling dealer of Eblock can operate on the glass for the installation or replacement of the lenses. A tie between opticians and the company, a guarantee that the producer-consumer circle, as well as the lens – mount one, closes with safety, reliability and competence.

Easy Block Tutorial

Watch the video “Easy Block: the heart of Eblock system” where you will find all the instructions for a proper lens fitting.

Eblock Care

Only with Eblock, you can take advantage of Eblock Care program, an insurance, unique on the market and managed by Eblock, that covers theft, loss or accidental damages on your frame and guarantees the substitution of your frame with a brand new one.