Nella foto, Località Molinà, Calalzo di Cadore, 1892- I primi insediamenti produttivi per la fabbricazione di occhiali.

The modern history of the Cadore Valley is tightly related to the world’s most important industrial district for the production of eyewear.

In the picture, Location Molinà, Calalzo di Cadore, 1892 – The first industrial plant for eyewear production. (Courtesy Museo dell’Occhiale)


The principal source of income for a large part of the population of the Cadore Valley consisted in work activities related to the world of eyewear production.

A young woman working in the production department of optical frames made out of celluloid, Calalzo di Cadore, during the 1950ies.


The past, the present and above all the future. A sentence that describes perfectly the mission of the “Museo dell’Occhiale”. More than 4.000 exibits await the visitors accompanying them on a journey through the history of eyewear in the world and in the Cadore Valley.

No great wine can be made without a great soil.
There would be no Eblock without Som Eyewear. Eblock is the
brand but, Som is the expertise and the Cadore Valley, at the
centre of the eyewear production district, is the soil.

A unique region for a unique project

In the year 2012 Giovanni Sommavilla and Umberto Valentini, both driven by their long personal experience in the area of production and commercialisation of spectacle frames, gave birth to the brand Eblock, a mono-concept collection that is based on the revolutionary and patent lens locking system called Easy Block.
The success is immediate: the exquisite design, the quality of the product, the fast delivery, the reliability and competence of the customer care are only some of the brand’s values that capture and convince the customers.

Moreover, the vast choice of different models and the ability to renew the product continuously while maintaining its distinctive identity complete the picture of this success story.
Eblock exists thanks to the competence and the expertise of SOM Eyewear, a company based in Cadore – in the heart of the spectacle production district – that in 40 years of activity has been able to distinguish itself on the market by developing competence in the field of technology and project planning.
The authenticity of the EBlock design, its innovative construction and the quality define the very basics of a manufactural process that includes all the positive values of a product “Made in Italy”.

Easy Block, the core of the Eblock system

Easy Block is a unique, technologically advanced locking system that makes the process of fastening lenses easy and safe. Lenses can only be replaced thanks to the use of a special key combined with a precision metallic spacer, that locks the block (instead of a screw) and adjusts the closing of the eye rim.

Three collections in which matter, design and research blend together.
Discover all our models now, enter the world of Eblock.