13 - 07 - 2016
B-Side Vibe a new eyewear collection by Eblock eyewear Model: B-Side Vibe EB-220_P052 ? #colour? ?#madeinitaly? ?#glasses? ?#occhialivista? ?#newmodels? ?#newtechnologies?? #foryoureyesonly? ?#italiandesign? #glasses ?#eyewear? ?#occhiali? ?#?montature ?#?fashion? ?#?accessories? ?#?design? ?#moda? ?#followus? onwww.eblock.it
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13 - 06 - 2016
#Repost @goudezeunegrowtharchitects ??? Belgium VS Italy tonight! Good luck to our Italian friends at @catumaeyewear and @eblock_italia ! Let's show some beautiful football! #GoudezeuneGrowthArchitects #Goudezeune #Catuma #Eblock #Eyewear #Sunglasses
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07 - 06 - 2016
#sunglasses by @eblock_italia? No, it's just a joke for these BEAUTIFUL girls during the @giroditalia 2016 // #followus www.eblock.it / #eyewear #madeinitaly #glasses #occhiali #occhialivista #optic
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Eyewear Intelligence | Easy Block system

“Eblock, best known for its locking system Easy Block, has developed a testing tool for opticians, which enables the correct mounting of lenses on Eblock frames.” Eyewear Intelligence speaks of Eblock. Read full article here: Download EYEWEAR INTELLIGENCE
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Look Vision | Eblock butterfly style

“Con la dosis correcta de sensualidad y elegancia, la firma revisa las reglas del estilo romántico, sofisticado y ligero y le añade un toque divertido.” Look Vision speaks of Eblock. Read full article here:Download
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Eblock Side Collection on 20/20 Europe

“The Eblock family of frames continues to broaden with the recently introduced Side Collection…” 20/20 Europe speaks of Eblock Side Collection. Read full article here: Download
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Eblock ha sviluppato un tester a disposizione degli ottici

” Il sistema Easy Block è un mono concept brevettato per il fissaggio delle lenti: la sostituzione delle lenti avviene infatti tramite un’apposita chiavetta abbinata a un distanziatore di precisione…” Optical parla del sistema Easy Block. Leggi tutto l'articolo qui: Download
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Eblock: the origins

The brand Eblock was born in 2012, starting from the long term personal experience in the field of production and distribution of eyewear of his founders Giovanni Sommavilla and Umberto Valentini.

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The magic Easy Block

There is a before and an after. Before there were screws to become loose, and flopping a bit after some time. The after is made of a unique, advanced locking system: Easy Block, that makes it safer fastening the lenses.

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Welcome to our world

Watch the video presentation about Eblock, filmed mostly at the SOM Eyewear's headquarters in Pieve di Cadore, where they are produced and assembled the frames Eblock.

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